November 2020

More than half a year has passed since I made it back from Antarctica with difficulties. Due to the lock down I was not able to travel since then. Now finally in October I had the opportunity to visit the northern Tarapacá Region of Chile to photograph ancient desert art. During 8 days we visited several sites with geoglyphs, petroglyphs and ancient ruins of settlements and prehispanic agricultural fields. One of the most impressive site is the Giant of Tarapacá, a more that 90 meter long anthropomorphic figure on a small hill in the middle of the Atacama. These figures date from 900 – 1400 AD and were landmarks and probably also ceremonial sites for the ancient lama caravans that crossed the desert between the Andes and the cost. The regional government of Tarapacá and the Chilean national park administration CONAF is now applying to UNESCO to declare some important sites (Cerros Pintados) a UNESCO World Heritage site.

You can see images of these amazing places and ancient desert art here and on Instagram @atacamaphoto

Geoglifos Cerro Mono

Some problems on the road

gerhard huedepohl