December 2020

To have two total solar eclipses within a bit over one year in the same country does not occur very often. In July 2019 there was a total eclipse in the north Chile with excellent conditions (see my blog below).
In December 2020 the second total eclipse was due. This time in the south of Chile with a much lower chance of good visibility. And Covid19 and the related travel restrictions made planning complicated. After rescheduling locations, reservations and travel dates 3 times and nearly giving up entirely, we actually made it there.
Weather forecast was good for the day before the eclipse and the day after. But for the actual eclipse day it was horrible, clouds and rain all day.
Around mid day before totality rain turned to drizzle and some small patches of thin clouds allowed short glimpses of the partially eclipsed sun. Till the last minute we did not know, if we would see totality. Then at the right moment it opened up a little bit, just enough to see the corona and beautiful solar prominence through very thin clouds!!!
Had to wipe of some small rain drops off the camera lens though.

The moment of totality

Very rainy day for watching a solar eclipse

The moment of totality begins, still with some thin clouds.

gerhard huedepohl